Single-cultivar Miyazaki Sencha
Single-cultivar Miyazaki Sencha

Single-cultivar Miyazaki Sencha

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Umami is the keyword here. If a Japanese Sencha is only judged by its umami, no green tea we had in the past beats this tea. Does that make this tea the best Japanese Sencha we have? We definitely put this tea up there in our top tea tier. Is it for everyone? Probably not. 

One way you know for sure this tea is amazing is the fact that you can use boiling water to steep the tea and still taste amazing. It won't get bitter nor non-drinkable like most Senchas, it actually tastes incredible.

We do realize using a porcelain teapot to make this particular tea has a much better flavor than a clay teapot (Kyusu). The clay teapot we tested in the past seems to hide the umami flavor in the tea instead of highlighting it. This tea is also very unique because of how much it changes depending on how you make it. So do a little experiment with this tea, use lower temperature or boiling water and see how much it changes the flavor. Use porcelain or clay and see if you see the significant difference in its flavor as we did. 


Origin: Miyazaki, Japan

Cultivar: Oku Midori

Harvest: 2021 Spring

Notes: Umami, asparagus, spinach, seaweed, miso, mushrooms, parmesan cheese

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jennifer Linch
So good

Probably my favorite sencha. Such a good clean flavor with umami.

A great sencha!

I'm actually not one for senchas. I like some green teas but it's not my tippy top favorite.
This sencha is an all rounder tho. I can leave it brewing and it tastes amazing. I've brewed it in porcelain, clay, and glass. All turned out pretty well. Also brew it more than 5X and the flavor and feel were still there, which is pretty rare for green teas I've had before.
I would definitely put this tea as my go to for green teas I would share with others, tho I also want to hoard it just for myself.

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