Private Tea Tasting Experience With Leo

Private Tea Tasting Experience With Leo

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The only tea experience in Las Vegas! The event will last about two hours and you'll learn some of the histories of how this centuries-old drink has evolved, what makes up premium teas vs other types of teas around...and maybe even prepare your own cup using traditional methods from China/Taiwan or Japan if preferred - all while getting an introduction into these cultures through their wide different varieties.

The tea experience is a truly unique and unforgettable one. You will be transported to a different world where you will learn about the 6 main tea categories and taste teas from China, Taiwan, and Japan. You will also have the opportunity to blind-taste different grades of teas, learning to appreciate and understand how premium teas differ from mass-produced teas. This is an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.


Location: 6288 Spring Mountain Rd, Ste 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146


*Private tasting price is per person and might include other groups, up to 8 people.


*Regrettably, we cannot offer refunds, only store credit or the option to reschedule. Our daily schedule is quite limited, so when a cancellation occurs, it occupies a spot that could have been available to someone else.

Customer Reviews

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Taylor Longden
I can’t wait to go back

Leo is a phenomenal teacher and tea expert. I tell all my friends about this experience. Leo builds on your current knowledge which means you can do this multiple times throughout the year. I will be going back for another tea experience and signing up for the monthly tea membership.
This is unlike any other tea experience; Leo takes his time to teach you how to determine a quality tea. He allows you to experience the tea from different cups and throughout the brewing cycle. He reminds you to stay present throughout the experience and come with an open mind. This is not “high tea”, this is an intimate 2 hour journey through small farm teas from Asia. Honestly I could not recommend this experience enough, if you think you know tea Leo may make you think otherwise.

Jaymie Monastirsky
Such a wonderful experience

I was recommended to visit Leo’s tea room and it was every bit as wonderful as promised. On a Sunday, he provided three hours of very methodical tea.

Leo asks great questions to find what you’re looking for and can give you without exaggeration 40+ products with a range of price, strength, quality, and region.

The tea experience felt very calming and I’m Very excited for the next time. I wish to bring more people!

Margaret Lindstrom
Best place to visit in Vegas! I'm going back!

I am not a tea connoisseur, but you don't have to be to enjoy a private tea tasting with Leo. Every detail of this experience is perfect...a cool, quiet venue with maybe one or two other customers, trying various types of tea prepared and served by a tea master. Plus, while you are sampling your perfectly prepared beverage Leo is telling you the history of that paticular it was grown, harvested, and prepared for tea drinkers around the world.
A very unique, and thoroughly enjoyable experience...I can't recommend this enough!

Markley Hug
Leo is wonderful

I had a wonderful time learning about and enjoying tea with Leo. His knowledge and passion for tea is lovely. Highly recommend the experience.

robert moore
Tea Expert

My wife and I are both amateur tea hobbyists. We know tea. We love tea. We loved Leo’s Tea Experience. He is entertaining, knowledgable, and a trustworthy tea merchant. I highly recommend joining Leo for a couple of hours to enjoy the finest teas and take the opportunity to purchase high quality teas.

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Learn To Appreciate Premium Tea

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Tea tasting / class with leo is truly one of a kind! i’ve never met a man so knowledgeable and passionate about tea. me and my cousins enjoyed the whole experience!

Mimi G.
Las Vegas, NV

This is a one of a kind experience here in Las Vegas. We all think we know about tea, but after spending a few hours with Leo, you will realize that its a simple but complex world in what type of tea, where it comes from and how they are developed.

Bryan J.
Los Angeles, CA

We booked a tea tasting experience and it was super fun and informative. Of course we also tasted a lot of teas and I love that there are quality Asian teas now readily available in Las Vegas. I would highly recommend the experience.

Debbie N.
Las Vegas, NV

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