About Tea & Whisk

If you feel like you are completely clueless about tea and have been wanting to learn more about its magic, you have come to the right place! Most of our first-time customers are beginner tea drinkers. We host a lot of fun events and activities that cater to the beginner. At Tea & Whisk, we think the best way to learn more about tea is to spend time with passionate tea lovers. No need to spend thousands of dollars for a tea certification course. Here we explore, debate, test and compare each tea with competitors' teas to make sure that we have what every true tea lovers will enjoy.

Set off on your tea journey with us, and you will not only learn a great deal about tea––you will also learn new ways to unfold the potential of this magic leaf.

We know It's easy for any company to say that they have the best tea, and I'm certainly proud of the selection we've worked so hard to curate. But we think we have the best tea not only because of our premium quality tea vendors, but because we have the best tea community. We also found that the best teas are grown on small family farms, and these are the tea vendors we buy from.

Tea farmers and tea experts from around the world have visited our tea shop and been completely amazed with the passion and knowledge of our tea community.

Here's a real testimony from one of our tea vendors:

"I have traveled the country visiting tea shops all over, and that’s super rare in specialty tea (although you may see that in bubble tea shops). I think it’s super impressive that you got so many people making Tea & Whisk their home away from home, and getting really knowledgeable about tea in the meantime."

We love our community, and they have helped us shape Tea & Whisk to be the best version of ourselves––the local tea shop that everyone loves. That's why we want to share our love of tea with you. We want you to say, "I wish I'd known about this tea before!" Our customers say it often. Even I have, many times.

To get started with our most popular teas, check out our Top Ten Teas blog here

So, welcome to Tea & Whisk. We think you'll love it here. 



Leo Lukidi

Owner and CEO