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Tea & Whisk is your gateway to the most unique and premium teas in the world. We are a small family business with a big dream: to make every tea experience exceptional, from sourcing our highest quality teas direct from their origins, to finding handmade teawares, to providing an unforgettable private tea experience at our Las Vegas Tea Room.

We believe there is no other company quite like us because we are so focused on bringing you not only the best tasting teas but also ones that give amazing energy and calmness that can't be found anywhere else!

We want to change popular tea in America. We believe tea should not be blended with fruits and herbals, but rather just enjoyed as it is; delicate flavor notes and subtle aromatics that are typically lost when other ingredients are added. Don't get us wrong; we love those flavored teas as well--but mainly as iced teas or a crowd-pleasers. Our goal is to share what makes this traditional tea so special.

We have a simple vision: to make traditional tea popular and celebrated.

Leo Lukidi

Founder & Owner

2022 Spring Picked

NEW Harvest Green Tea

Spring is a time of fresh new beginnings for tea. Green tea is especially prized during this time of year, as its delicate flavor is best enjoyed when the weather is warm. Whether you enjoy it iced or hot, spring-picked green tea is a delicious way to celebrate the season.

2022 Bi Luo Chun Green

Harvest Date: March 23rd 2022

The best green teas are made from leaves that are picked early in the spring

2022 Clouds & Mist Green

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Handmade Wood-fired Teaware

It took talented artists from around the world countless hours of labor to make each of these special teapots. 

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