2014 Harvest • Over 100-year Gushu Old-Tree

2014 Baocheng Pu-erh

A clean, crispy apple with mouth-watering jasmine coats the backend
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6X Royal Jasmine Pearls
The best jasmine tea you'll ever had
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Medium Roast Dong Ding
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Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong
Floral orchid with a soothing toasted almond oolong
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QingXiang Bai Mudan White Tea
Clean, Full Body White Tea
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Dark Roast Iron Goddess Oolong
Coffee lovers, try this!
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How to Whisk Matcha Like A Pro
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Ceremonial Matcha Set
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Handmade Wood-fired Teaware

It took talented artists from around the world countless hours of labor to make each of these special teapots. 

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Every thing you need for gongfu brewing

Complete Ceremonial Gongfu Tea Set

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