High Mountain Royal Alishan Oolong
High Mountain Royal Alishan Oolong
High Mountain Royal Alishan Oolong

High Mountain Royal Alishan Oolong

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One of Leo's favorite teas, and one of the most popular teas in the store!

If you're looking for an excellent example of high mountain tea that is more than just a famous name, this is the tea for you.

It's a myth that high mountain oolong can't be aged over time. If made well, they can age just as well as any pu-erh or dark oolong. 

This tea is all about texture. Super rich, buttery, and almost luxurious, a hallmark of a good high mountain tea. The flavor is sweet and fresh, without being overly floral or green. The aftertaste is even sweeter.

Alishan is one of the most iconic high mountain regions in Taiwan, but not all Alishan oolongs are created equal. Because Alishan is so famous, there's a big range of quality on the market.

Our Alishan is made by one of the region's most famous tea masters, with leaves picked in a natural garden. She has been working with the same leaves for more than 20 years and knows how to bring out the best in every harvest. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used for the tea which really captures the essence of the high mountain environment. We're big fans! 

Origin: Alishan, Taiwan

Notes: creamy, buttery, sweet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
leonard Johnson
Great Tea

I am not a tea drinker but I was converted into one with this tea. I can't wait to try all of Leo's other teams!

Caitlin Steiner
Inspiring lol

I fell in love with this oolong. I usually go for the more earthy types but this oolong made me excited to wake up in the morning! A little floral but in the best way, super smooth too! Also, I like that I can brew it multiple times, for me around 8 brews.


I brewed this about 9 times. The first 8 in a small woodfired pot and the last in a glass container overnight. Each brew was delicious and flavorful. About 170-180° and for less than 40sec for the first 8. The overnight brew was with room temperature water and the flavor still came out in the morning. Would definitely recommend and I've bought 4oz.

Anna To

This is an amazing tea! Very smooth texture, and a hint of honey after taste. My husband, (who's not really a fan of any tea) actually had a second and third cup , much to my astonishment. We had tried a sample size and immediately went back to the store to purchase the 4oz size because it was so good. A definite win!

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