2006 Mini Brick Traveler Shou Pu-erh

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One of our most popular teas! Shou pu-erh (fermented tea) compressed into a tiny, conveniently-sized brick. Classic shou pu-erh flavor with earthy character.

These mini bricks are convenient and easy to store, and are good for one tea session. To brew, pour water on the brick to loosen up the leaves. Wait until the brick looks softened, then discard the rinse. Brew as normal, infusing up to 8-10 times. 

Each mini brick weighs 7g and can be aged for many more years given the proper storage. 1 oz contains 4 mini bricks of tea.

We recommend storing many bricks together inside the original pouch to maintain flavor and aroma. The more bricks stored together, the better the storage potential over time.

Origin: Menghai, Yunnan Province, China

Harvest: 2006

Notes: earthy, deep, balanced