80-Year Old Bush Duckshit Oolong
80-Year Old Bush Duckshit Oolong

80-Year Old Bush Duckshit Oolong

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Whether you're looking to be a little quirky in your life, or you know someone that needs something new and original but still can't resist good tea, this duckshit oolong is just the thing for you. But we warn you - it might just tempt some of your more fashionable friends on a shopping spree with its funky name!

There's an often-told story behind the unappetizing name. They say a famous and successful tea farmer got so fed up with everyone asking about the secret to his masterpiece oolong that he started to make a joke, telling everyone that the secret to his tea was the duck droppings he used as fertilizer for his plants.

This oolong is baked using charcoal twice. The tea is first baked using an oven with a lower temperature (90c) for about 8 hours to remove the water content in the tea leaves. Rest for 3 weeks, and then baked using charcoal for 18 hours with 120c temperature. This tea will taste better when it has been aged for at least 4 to 6 months.

This is not your ordinary oolong tea. It's nutty and addicting like a toasted peanut. Its floral notes are just the perfect amount - you'll want to relax after drinking it, forget about all of life's problems! A rare gem in the world of teas - this duckshit oolong will surely become an instant favorite!


Gongfu Brewing Instructions:

Use 4g for 100ml gaiwan. Rinse the tea real quick. Steep for 45 seconds on the first two infusions after the rinse. Steep for one minute for the third infusions.   

Alternate Name: Ya Shi Xiang; Silver Flower; Yin Hua Xiang

Chinese Character: 鸭屎香;银花香 

Elevation: 1200m

Origin: Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province

Notes: Vanilla, Toasted Peanuts, Almonds, Orchid

Tea Drunk Level: High

Country Type of tea Rinse  Water Temp 1st steep 2nd steep 3rd steep
China Green No 190ºF / 88ºC 15 sec 10 sec 20 sec
China Aged white Yes 205ºF / 96ºC

1 min

15 sec

25 sec

China Classic white No 175ºF / 80ºC 30 sec 15 sec

30 sec

China Twisted oolong No 205ºF / 96ºC 30 sec 15 sec 20 sec
Taiwan Rolled oolong No 205ºF / 96ºC 45 sec 15 sec 20 sec
China Small leaves black No 205ºF / 96ºC 15 sec 25 sec 35 sec
China Big leaves black No
205ºF / 96ºC
45 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Shou puerh Yes
205ºF / 96ºC
30 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Heicha Yes
205ºF / 96ºC
30 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Sheng puerh Yes

190ºF / 88ºC

30 sec

20 sec

30 sec

China Sheng puerh Yes 205ºF / 96ºC
10 sec
5 sec
10 sec

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
C. Duke Novak
Duck Shit is great!

Don't be fooled by the name, but this is a beautiful mellow tea.

Steven Lanski
A great oolong

This tea has an intoxicating aroma of butter and warm nuts. Slick coating mouthfeel with favors of nuts during early infusions turning more floral in latter. Great tea and example of the cultivar. I will be back for more.

Stan Nelson
I think mine was 40 year old duck tea

Is great, expands in the pot while brewing. Flavor is firm but not bitter . Great colors for multiple infusions. Always a great choice

Jazmine Villanueva
Tastes Great!

This Oolong was definitely worth the purchase and I would definitely buy it again.

Scott Trujillo
Easy and Mild

Personally I enjoy a more robust and stronger flavor tea. However not all of my friends or guest enjoy such strong teas. This one is a nice way for me to entertain company without overpowering their taste buds right away. As far me if I am wanting something stronger I just let my pour steep a little longer.
The flavor is smooth with a lingering finish that lightly trails off.

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