Our Top Ten Teas of the Year 2022

Here at Tea & Whisk, we're always trying new teas and seeking out the best of the best. This year was no different, and we're excited to share our top ten teas of the year with you!

1. Chinese Clouds & Mist Green Tea - This light and refreshing green tea is perfect for those who are new to green tea or those who want an easy-drinking option.

2. Japanese Miyazaki Sencha - This sencha has a deep umami flavor that is well-balanced and tastes more like a soup than a tea.

3. Taiwanese Spring Yushan Oolong - This lightly oxidized oolong has a delicate floral aroma and a smooth, creamy texture.

4. Taiwanese Qilai Shan Oolong - This high-mountain oolong has a complex flavor profile with notes of honey, flowers, and fresh spring vegetables.

5. Taiwanese Alishan Black Tea - This rich and full-bodied black tea is perfect for those who enjoy a black tea with natural honey and berry notes.

6. 2011 Menghai Darkmoon Shou Puerh - This shou puerh has been aged for eleven years, giving it a deep and mellow flavor profile.

7. Competition Grade Honey Jinjunmei - This jinjunmei is made with handpicked premium grade leaves and won an award as the best black tea in Wuyi region, China. Sweet potato with honey notes. 

8. Chinese Da Hong Pao Oolong - This dark roast oolong has a bold flavor with hints of chocolate and nutmeg.

9. Chinese Silver Needle White Tea - This white tea is made with only the finest buds, resulting in a cup that is delicate and sweet.

10. Chinese Duckshit Oolong - This unique oolong gets its name from a famous producer who tried to keep a secret on what makes his tea specials. Read the full story here!


We hope you'll enjoy trying some of our favorite teas from this year!  Happy sipping!

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