Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong

Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong

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If there were a perfume that used oolong as its scent, this would be the oolong to use. “Perfume” can sound negative when talking about a tea, especially when so many have scents artificially infused. But this Dan Cong Mi Lan oolong has an amazing natural aroma that anyone would enjoy.

This is easily one of our most popular Dan Cong oolongs we have in the shop. The unique sweet honey aftertaste with the relaxing orchid aroma is totally unique to this variety. The rocky minerality of the flavor of the tea adds to the complexity of the overall flavor of the tea.


We urge everyone to use only spring water with this tea. A Yixing clay teapot brings out the delicious minerality even more.


Alternate Name: Mi Lan Xiang

Origin: Phoenix Town, Guang Dong Province, China

Notes: Orchid, Honey, Nectar, Roasted 

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