Yunnan Golden Tip Dian Hong

Yunnan Golden Tip Dian Hong

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When choosing a high-quality Dian Hong black tea, it is important to look at how much of the golden-tip is in the leaves. The more golden color, the higher the grade usually is. This Dian Hong black tea is from a larger leaf variety, manually hand-picked and processed using the traditional techniques of Mr. Zhou's family farm in Yunnan. You can immediately notice the caramel, sweet potato-like aroma when you brew this tea. The feeling in your mouth is very smooth, complex and balanced. Hints of a spice match well with the robust and malty undertone of the tea. Definitely one of the best Chinese black teas we have in our black tea collection.


Alternate Name: Yunnan Black

Origin: Yunnan, China

Notes: Malt, Sweet Potato, Honey