5-years of Tea & Whisk

Hello Everyone!

This weekend will mark the end of our Eastern location in Henderson, NV's, five-year run. What a ride it's been! When I started Tea & Whisk five years ago, I had no expectations for what I wanted to achieve in the tea world.

Before I began this teashop, I had an eight-year retail business selling kitchenware and houseware. Opening a retail store in Henderson was a natural extension of my existing company. That's why the shop initially concentrated on kitchenwares and teas.

That's how the word whisk in "Tea & Whisk" originally meant – a kitchen whisk. Crazy right? Nowadays I told new customers that the term "whisk" is really intended for a matcha whisk. Good thing I didn't call my company name Tea & Knife, or Tea & Pots; correcting it would be difficult.

Click here to see a video of some of the previous images of how the tea shop has evolved over the last five years.

During the past five years, I've learned a lot about tea and its culture. I'm grateful to meet individuals who are so generous with their expertise about teas. And whenever I learn something new about teas, I like to share it with my customers. Tea isn't simply a beverage; it's a way of life that has affected me and many of my customers' lives for the better.

I made this shift in order to provide a more convenient location for tea drinkers in the Las Vegas area (except if you live in Henderson, sorry!). The new location will still have a retail area and be more appropriate for tea parties and sessions, as well as improved parking availability for consumers.

Tea tastings and demonstrations will be the main offerings. These events are not only intended to introduce individuals who have no prior knowledge of tea culture to people on how to brew and make the most of high-quality traditional teas; they're also meant to educate individuals about how to brew and enjoy those teas.

  • When is the last day to visit the Henderson store?

The last day to come and shop at the business will be October 31st. A number of things will be on sale, up to 30% off. So make every effort to arrive before it's too late.

  • Why did you decide to move your location?

We're excited about the move because we believe it will make it more convenient for our local clients to visit the tea room. Many of our consumers told us that the Henderson shops are too far away from their homes. The new site will be a lot more convenient location.

  • What can I expect in your new location?

We will put a premium on the classic tea experience. That implies more tea tasting events, practice workshops, tea socials, and enjoyable activities like blind tea tastings, and more. We'll also provide a different type of tea experience menu for novices looking for something deeper than a beginner's kit.

  • Will you still offer beverages at the new location?

Unfortunately, we will no longer be selling beverages as we want to focus on the classic tea experience and tea culture.

  • Is the website will still be available after you close the Henderson location? 

Yes, teaandwhisk.com will still be accessible to purchase your teas and teaware. During this whole moving procedure, shipping and internet fulfillment may be delayed. I anticipate that shipping and delivery will resume as normal by November 10th.

  • What is the new address of Tea & Whisk?

The address of the new store is: 6288 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

  • When can I visit the new tea room? 

We're anticipating a grand opening of the new shop by the end of December or early January 2022.


I'm grateful and thankful for all of our customers' support over the years. Let us hope that the new enhancements will help to promote tea culture even further. It has been a great journey over the past five years with everyone's love, kindness, generosity, and support. I am looking forward to meeting you at our newest tea room!


Kind Regards,

Leo Lukidi

Tea & Whisk Owner