Wuyi Bai Ji Guan Oolong
Wuyi Bai Ji Guan Oolong

Wuyi Bai Ji Guan Oolong

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Bai Ji Guan or white cockscomb is a type of Chinese rock tea. It is named for its distinctive white buds, which resemble the comb of a rooster. The white cockscomb is one of the Four Famous Firs of Wuyi Mountain, along with Dahongpao, Tie Luohan and Shuijingui. These teas are all produced in the rocky soil of Wuyishan National Park and are known for their high quality.

The white cockscomb is picked in late May each year, and its leaves are light green in color with a sweet, distinct flavor. In Chinese culture, the white cockscomb is associated with good luck and fortune. This tea is said to have originated in the Ming Dynasty when it was used to cure serious illnesses. Since then, the white cockscomb has been beloved by tea enthusiasts for its unique flavor and history.

This Wuyi oolong is probably one of the most fun Wuyi tea. The aroma and flavor are very different from all other Wuyi tea. The bai ji guan has a roasted flavor with floral notes that lead to a lightly sweet aftertaste. This tea can go well with spicy food, balancing it out after intensifying the spiciness. This tea aroma has a similar aroma to Japanese Houjicha. Sweet and woody. 

Gongfu Brewing Instructions: 5g in a 100ml gaiwan for about 10 seconds on the first infusion. 

Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China

Notes: Prune, Chocolate Cake, Toasted Bread

Country Type of tea Rinse  Water Temp 1st steep 2nd steep 3rd steep
China Green No 190ºF / 88ºC 15 sec 10 sec 20 sec
China Aged white Yes 205ºF / 96ºC

1 min

15 sec

25 sec

China Classic white No 175ºF / 80ºC 30 sec 15 sec

30 sec

China Twisted oolong No 205ºF / 96ºC 30 sec 15 sec 20 sec
Taiwan Rolled oolong No 205ºF / 96ºC 45 sec 15 sec 20 sec
China Small leaves black No 205ºF / 96ºC 15 sec 25 sec 35 sec
China Big leaves black No
205ºF / 96ºC
45 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Shou puerh Yes
205ºF / 96ºC
30 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Heicha Yes
205ºF / 96ºC
30 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Sheng puerh Yes

190ºF / 88ºC

30 sec

20 sec

30 sec

China Sheng puerh Yes 205ºF / 96ºC
10 sec
5 sec
10 sec

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Rouelle
Sweetness level:
Excellent Yancha

A great example of a white cocks comb Wuyi Oolong. High minerality, nice roast, and very active on the palate. It begs for you to take another sip. Dynamic and evolving flavor from beginning to end that keeps it so interesting. Just when you think you’ve seen what it has to give it shows you something new. Lastly this tea is very energetic with a pronounced Qi.

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