saemidori sencha 2021
saemidori sencha 2021

Organic Single-Cultivar Sae Midori Sencha

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This sencha is easily one of our favorite Japanese green tea. Sae Midori is considered as Japan's newer cultivars, having been developed in 1991 as a special cross between Yabukita cultivars and Asatsuyu cultivars.

The jade color of the tea liquor reminds you of the beautiful gyokuro tea. Gyokuro is special for being shaded from sunlight for three weeks before harvest, this Sae Midori sencha is shaded for about five days before harvest. As a result, the tea is naturally sweeter and more umami than most other senchas. The color is a vibrant green that is unlike any other sencha we've ever seen. 

This deep-steam green tea has a fruity aroma and is very smooth. The leaves are picked in the second week of April in Kagoshima, Japan. The lingering aftertaste of this tea is incredibly sweet and refreshing, with a cucumber/melon aftertaste that makes you crave more. Try having this tea in the morning––you'll feel fresh and energized at the start of your day. If you love green tea that is very easy to drink and not overly grassy, this is the green tea for you. 


If you drink Japanese green tea every day, we highly recommend using Japanese teapot (kyusu) to make your green tea. It will brew your green tea better. It's much easier and, most importantly, much better tasting!


Recommended brewing method: 

3 grams - 165º Fahrenheit - 60 seconds - 300ml water


Certification: JAS Organic

Origin: Hioki, Kagoshima, Japan

Style: Deep Steamed

Notes: Creamy Melon, Cucumber, Almond, and Spinach

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Customer Reviews

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Kenji Kita
Back home flavors in Las Vegas.

I usually have Sencha tea while i’m visiting Japan. But it’s great that i can now enjoy it locally in Las Vegas.

Takes some work, but worth it!

For me, Japanese green teas tend to be fussy - the water temperature has to be just right, there can't be too much or too little tea in the water, you have to steep it just the right amount of time, you can't let it sit too long once you pour it out. Because of this, I generally stay away from Japanese greens. This one though is an exception - it's that good. It's almost like drinking a full-bodied but mild broth (I've actually used it when cooking seafood dishes - really tasty!). Yes, there's a fair amount of caffeine, but most people won't get jittery from it because the other chemicals in tea even the highs and lows out. If you've got a cram session for school or an intense day of work, you can't go wrong with this tea.

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