Organic Single-Cultivar "Morning Dew" Asatsuyu Sencha
Organic Single-Cultivar "Morning Dew" Asatsuyu Sencha

Organic Single-Cultivar "Morning Dew" Asatsuyu Sencha

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This green tea is grown on the same farm as two of our other favorite senchas -- Sae Midori Sencha and Asanoka Sencha.


The leaves are harvested in the earliest day of spring from Asatsuyu cultivar in Kagoshima, Japan. The leaves are soft and tender. Just like our other Kagoshima green tea, they are also shaded for five days before harvesting.

The aroma of this tea recalls fresh green grass in early spring. 

On the first infusion of this tea you can taste the sweet fruity aftertaste, reminiscent of green melon or honeydew. There are barely any bitter or grassy notes in the flavor. The medium texture left in your mouth makes this tea feel satisfying. The aftertaste is relaxing, a sweet and refreshing watermelon.  


If you drink Japanese green tea every day, we highly recommend using Japanese teapot (kyusu) to make your green tea. They will make your green tea so much easier and taste so much better.  


Recommended brewing method:

3 grams - 165º Fahrenheit - 60 seconds - 300ml water


Certification: JAS Organic

Origin: Hioki, Kagoshima, Japan

Style: Deep Steamed

Notes: Honeydew, Watermelon, Spring Greens

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Customer Reviews

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Louis-Georges Schwartz
Organic Single-Cultivar "Morning Dew" Asatsuyu Sencha

I steep this tea 3 times at 161F / 71.6C. Once for 60 seconds and twice for 20 (5-6 g tea and about 100 g water. All three cups are consistent. Good color like sunlight filtered through grass. Rich mouth feel. The flavor and aroma are mostly sweet umami with a slight astringency just enough to make the liquor taste bright. Like a memory of summer mornings when I was a child. Often I soak the leaves in cool water for a few hours after the 3rd steep for a delightful ‘old man’s steep.

Jewel Lee
Deep-steamed sencha?

This one seems to have bit more depth of flavour than the other two single-cultivars. Is it deep-steamed like a Fukamushicha? I like this one more actually!

Jesse Sarno

Definitely not my favorite but not terrible either.

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