Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls

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These particular Jasmine Pearls are from a Da Bai cultivar which is normally used for making traditional white tea like Silver Needle (bái háo yín zhēn/白毫银针) or White Peony (bái mǔdān /白牡丹). In order to harvest them, the weather conditions must be perfect and must only be plucked during early springtime. 

After the base tea has been processed, it must be kept cool until summertime when the jasmine flower blossoms. This jasmine pearls' flavor is delicate and not overpowering. The aroma is relaxing and calming. Try infusing this tea at a lower temperature (190 Fahrenheit) to bring out more sweetness. If you are trying to make an iced tea or milk tea, try infusing it at a higher temperature (205 Fahrenheit) for a more robust flavor.  


Origin: Fuding, China