Hand-Whisked Matcha Milk Tea

Hand-Whisked Matcha Milk Tea

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We are using our cafe-grade Imperial Matcha for this particular Matcha drink. Cafe-grade is better than the culinary grade Matcha but not as good as our ceremonial-grade Royal Matcha.


So what makes our Matcha drinks special?


Each Matcha drink is carefully prepared in a special Matcha bowl the way it should be made in Japan. We use only organic quality, 100% pure Matcha imported from Shizuoka, Japan; We hand-whisk with bamboo, one Matcha drink at a time. Bamboo is integral to the process: it prevents green tea from oxidation while being whisked.

You can't get the same results using a metal or stainless steel whisk. Metal can oxidize the freshness of the green tea, which could add hints of astringency and bitterness. The metal whisk also doesn't have enough prongs to properly aerate the Matcha drink. 

Each of these handmade whisks has 100 prongs which help aerate the Matcha to a frothy perfection and create a much smoother, sweeter, creamier sip as a result.