Friday Intermediate Tea Class

Friday Intermediate Tea Class

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If you are already familiar with the basics, then these events on Friday are your next level to improve your tea knowledge.

For 2 hours, Ken and Rie will cover specific topics ranging from "Regional teas," "Learning to choose the right teapots," "How water affects tea," "Fake vs. real teas," to a fun "How to make kombucha" class. 

This month's class highlight:


March 7th - Aged White Teas

A long time ago, only virgins were allowed to pick fresh, unopened tea buds for the best quality white tea. Join Ken to learn the history of white teas and how aged white teas are becoming so much popular in recent years. 



March 13th - Bug Bitten Teas

Wait, what? What on earth are bug-bitten teas, and why are they so popular in the tea world? Join tea teacher Rie in an exploration of these unusual and surprisingly tasty teas


March 20th - How To Make Kombucha

It's easy to make healthy, tasty kombucha at home! Join Ken, our resident kombucha expert, as we brew and taste different styles of kombucha. You go home with your very own batch of kombucha!


March 27th - Matcha Workshop

Imagine having the perfect Matcha to boost your productivity's daily rituals. Rie will teach you the different ways on how to whisk, serve and enjoy Matcha the proper way. You will also get to sample and learn the different quality Matchas ranging from the lowest quality to the highest quality Matcha.