Complete Ceremonial Matcha Set

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Yes, you can mix your Matcha with a blender or shaker––but nothing beats a Matcha hand-frothed by a proper bamboo whisk in a classic Matcha bowl.

The Matcha whisk stand is useful to keep your whisk in its natural shape. It also helps you air dry the whisk faster after cleaning. The long handle of the Matcha scoop helps you draw the Matcha out from the container without making a wasteful mess.

The traditional Matcha bowl has a wide, flat bottom to help you whisk and aerate effectively and achieve the ideal foamy ceremonial style Matcha.

With your purchase you will also receive an ounce of fine Ceremonial-Grade Matcha powder, made using the highest-quality Tencha, imported directly from Shizuoka, Japan. 

This set is everything you need to make a true bowl of ceremonial Matcha. Please watch the accompanying video to learn how to whisk your Matcha properly.