amber oolong
Taiwan Amber Oolong

Amber Oolong

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If you love the roasted flavor type of tea, this Amber oolong is a great introduction to someone that loves the charcoal roasted flavor. You can smell the deep wood,  charcoal aroma right after brewing. A hint of spice like cloves, nutmeg and black pepper combine with the sweet roasted charcoal makes this tea is a perfect tea to drink with grilled meats.   

With a proper brewing, this oolong can be brewed for at least 10 times. Use a lower temperature (around 195F) to bring out more of the fruitiness of this tea or brew with higher temperature if you like more of a complex and spicier version of this oolong. 


Origin: Nantou, Taiwan

Notes: wood, nutmeg, black pepper, banana