2019 Advanced White Peony

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Made of two young tea leaves and unopened tea buds. A long time ago, white peony tea or Bai Mu Dan is made for lower-class consumers who can't afford the considered top-quality Silver Needle white tea. 

Many young white teas are more considered as mild in flavor. White peony match better in the west where they preferred a much stronger flavor like their black tea. White peony gives the balance of natural sweet dew flavors from the unopened buds and the fresh, woody aroma of the young leaves. 

This tea can be brewed using gongfu style for up to 15 times with a medium temperature of 190 Fahrenheit, or you can brew this tea with higher temperature of 205 Fahrenheit for more robust and complex flavors. 



Origin: Fuding, China

Notes: Fresh, Full-bodied, Honey Dew, Woody