Jade Mountain Oolong

2018 Yushan Jade Mountain Dong Pian

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As delicate and airy as high mountain oolong gets!

This super elegant Yushan is made from a special winter harvest called dong pian, or winter petal, which only happens when the weather conditions allow the tea bushes to sprout twice during the winter. Dong pian harvests don't happen every year, and when they do happen, the yield is lower but the leaves are more concentrated and sweet. 

Because this tea is so soft and delicate, brew this tea on its own in a dedicated session to get the best out the leaves.

Yushan is a lesser known region in Taiwan, since most of the Yushan area is a protected national park where tea cultivation is not allowed. This particular garden is just outside the national park but at the same gorgeous, high elevation environment. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on the garden, which really captures the essence of the high mountain environment. 

Origin: Yushan, Taiwan

Harvest: Winter 2018

Notes: Sweet, Delicate, Airy