2002 Aged Taiwanese Oolong Yilan
2002 Yilan Baozhong

2002 Yilan Baozhong

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There are some teas that are just endlessly complex and rewarding, and the 2002 Yilan Baozhong is one of them. We can't get enough of this tea!

Unlike many aged oolongs from Taiwan, which are re-roasted every few years to remove sour flavors, this 2002 Yilan Baozhong has been kept unroasted the whole time. The teamaker decided early on to store the tea like this, allowing it to capture the natural fluctuation of the seasons for almost 20 years in Taiwan.

As a result, the 2002 Yilan Baozhong has a fruity, fermented aroma like heicha or pu'erh. This is because of active microbes in the tea that can live because the tea has been kept unroasted. Deep and rewarding to explore.

This is tea changes a lot based on the brewing style, with common notes of stonefruit, date, and raisin.

The farm from which this was made has now become overgrown, but even in 2002 this tea was cultivated completely naturally with no pesticides or fertilizers.

Origin: Yilan, Taiwan

Harvest: Spring 2002

Notes: stonefruit, date, and raisin