Hibiscus Dream

Hibiscus Dream

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The Strawberry Hibiscus Dream has a deep and brilliant red hue, with just enough spice to keep things interesting. The subtle flavors of this tea mixture are hard to pinpoint - there are hints of strawberries mixed in for good measure as well as floral scents from hibiscus plants themselves!

A sip leaves you wanting more; it feels like your taste buds have been magically transported somewhere between paradise and pure luxury- each sip provides an entirely new experience waiting around every corner.

While this tea has quite a few ingredients, they work together to create the most wonderful of experiences. There are many subtle flavors that seamlessly meld together and leave behind a wonderful, flavorful impression. This tea is perfect as an iced or hot offering so pick up some today!


Ingredients: organic hibiscus flower, organic apples, orange peels, rose petals, organic rosehips, cardamom pods, malva flower

Country Type of tea Rinse  Water Temp 1st steep 2nd steep 3rd steep
China Green No 190ºF / 88ºC 15 sec 10 sec 20 sec
China Aged white Yes 205ºF / 96ºC

1 min

15 sec

25 sec

China Classic white No 175ºF / 80ºC 30 sec 15 sec

30 sec

China Twisted oolong No 205ºF / 96ºC 30 sec 15 sec 20 sec
China Rolled oolong No 205ºF / 96ºC 45 sec 15 sec 20 sec
China Small leaves black No 205ºF / 96ºC 15 sec 25 sec 35 sec
China Big leaves black No
205ºF / 96ºC
45 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Shou puerh Yes
205ºF / 96ºC
30 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Heicha Yes
205ºF / 96ºC
30 sec 15 sec 30 sec
China Sheng puerh Yes

190ºF / 88ºC

30 sec

20 sec

30 sec

China Sheng puerh Yes 205ºF / 96ºC
15 sec
10 sec
15 sec