2012 "Lotus Blossom" Lotus Scented Fuzhuan Heicha

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Just like green tea can be scented with jasmine blossoms, heicha can also be scented, in this case with lotus flowers!

The combination of the dark, fermented tea and exotic aromas of lotus make for a fascinating flavor profile, and the tea brings a sense of calm and peace of mind. A rare and unique tea, on the palate and beyond.

The base tea is a 2012 production from Hunan Province, China. It was pressed into 1 kilo bricks for long-term storage, as is common practice for heicha in Hunan. Compared to Yunnan Province and its pu'erh teas, Hunan heichas tend to be pressed and stored in larger quantities.

From the same tea factory as our Alchemy, Gentle Giant, and Sunveil heicha.

Origin: Anhua, Hunan Province, China

Harvest: 2012 

Notes: lotus fragrance, dried date