2002 Shou Pu-erh Castaway Nuggets

2002 Shou Pu-erh Castaway Nuggets

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Tea nuggets or commonly known as tea lumps is the discarded tea during the process of making a ripe pu-erh tea. Small lumps of this ripe pu-erh tea are naturally created during the fermentation processed and separated by hands one by one.

The aroma of the tea is sweet and calming. The flavor of the tea is unlike any other shou pu-erh, almost like biting into glutinous rice. Slightly earthy and very easy to drin, perfect for beginners or even advanced tea drinkers.

The tea flavor will be kind of light in the beginning, but get more robust over multiple brews. You can brew this tea for at least 20 times before completely discarding the tea.


Origin: Menghai County, Yunnan, China

Notes: Sticky Rice, Creamy, Soy Milk, Earthy